Morocco Warned Germany Of Christmas Market Terrorist Attacker, Twice

Morocco World News MWN. is reporting Moroccan intelligence services, known as DST allegedly warned Germany that Anus Amiri was an ISIS jihadist on September 19th and October 11th. The latter warning specifically informed of Amiri's illegal residence in Germany for the past 14 months and regular meetings with two ISIS associates. 

German officials ultimately failed to capture Anus. During Berlin's "exhaustive" man hunt a pixelated image of Anus was distributed to press, ensuring identification was as difficult as possible. Ultimately Anus traveled by way of train to Italy where he was ultimately shot dead by police, allahu akbhar.

A distinguished group of researchers have been combing through Wikileak's recent BND-NSA Inquiry Exhibit, a cache of files from Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and discovered possible evidence officials have been deliberately recruiting high risk refugees.

Germany stands to control a massive EU army if terrorism worsened and justified its existence. 

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