NASTY WOMAN: Hillary Clinton Wanted To Punish England By Sending Muslims To Turks And Caicos

The US Department Of State released a new trove of Hillary Clinton's emails today. One incriminating email between Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton demonstrates how vindictive and callous she can be in private.

In the email below Hillary expresses frustration with the UK for pressure they put on Scotland in regard to a retracted situation and her idea for retaliation was to send Uighurs to UK territories like the Falklands or Turks & Caicos.

Uighurs are muslim, and Hillary is insinuating that sending Muslim immigration would be a punishment.  

The US Department Of State's website does not provide an email ID for easily fact-checking but you can search by date and the emails below were sent From: H to Diane Reynold (Chelsea Clinton) on 8/24/2009



Diane Reynolds is a pseudonym Chelsea used to communicate with her mother, see email below where Hillary Clinton refers to the G-8 summit as "deadly dull".

Trump was right again, she is a NASTY woman.

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