Driver Tells Uber CEO Travis Kalanick He's Bankrupted From Lowering Prices

A remarkable video has emerged of an Uber driver arguing with Travis Kalanick, the company's CEO. The driver complains of Uber constantly changing their policies and lowering prices to the detriment of their drivers, who often lay out lots of money to buy their own vehicles. The billionaire with a net worth of nearly $6B became hostile when the driver said he was bankrupted for over $90K because of changes in policy, telling the driver it was his fault and not to blame him for abruptly changing Uber's pricing structure. 

Here's the conversation that took place:

  • Travis: So we are reducing the number of black cars in the next few months.

  • Fawzi: It’s good.

  • Travis: You probably saw some email.

  • Fawzi: I saw the email [that says] it starts in May. But you’re raising the standards and dropping the prices.

  • Travis: We’re not dropping the prices on Black.

  • Fawzi: But in general.

  • Travis: In general, but we have competitors. Otherwise we’d be out of business.

  • Fawzi: Competitors? You had the business model in your hands, you could have the prices you want but you choose to buy everybody a ride.

  • Travis: No, no no. You misunderstand me. We started high-end. We didn’t go low-end because we wanted to. We went low-end because we had to because we’d be out of business.

  • Fawzi: But people are not trusting you anymore. Do you think people will buy cars anymore? ... I lost $97,000 because of you. I'm bankrupt because of you. You keep changing every day. You keep changing every day.

  • Travis: Hold on a second. What have I changed about Black?

  • Fawzi: You changed the whole business! You dropped the prices.

  • Travis: On Black? Bullshit.

  • Fawzi: We started with $20.

  • Travis: You know what, some people don't like to take responsibility for their own shit. They blame everything in their life on somebody else. Good luck!

  • Fawzi: Good luck to you too, I know that you aren’t going to go far.

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