No Amber Alerts Or Media Coverage For 25 Missing Girls In Washington DC

This is pathetic. American media is determined on pretending elite sex trafficking rings don't exist ever since emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign manager leaked in November and revealed suspicious activities that kicked off a grassroots investigation known as PizzaGate. Since then sub-par "journalists" have written hundreds of articles discrediting researchers and ignoring their evidence.

Enough is enough. 25 teenage girls have gone missing since Febuary in Washington DC and people are starting to wake up. Today rapper LL Cool J and Harvey Levin of TMZ brought substantial awareness to the issue on Twitter. 

Recent town hall meeting in Washington DC to discuss the missing girls

At one point during the packed town hall meeting in Washington DC to address the missing girls an outspoken woman accuses the police of being involved and apparently they have some history with human trafficking. 

Despite high-profile advocates and hashtags, American media has completely ignored the story all day. Reddit has censored posts, and Twitter won't showcase the related hashtags as trending despite enormous usage. The first major media outlet to break this story is Russia Today (video below).

The Washington DC area has always been a hot bed for missing and exploited children. Statistics prove there is something fishy going on in the area.

Many have noticed the lack of Amber Alerts for the missing girls and some have theorized the service might be compromised with ill intentions. Laura Silsby, who now goes by the name of Laura Gayler works at the company responsible for issuing the alerts. Silsby was once jailed in Haiti for kidnapping over 30 children who had families... she also happens to be a good friend of Hillary Clinton. ZeroHedge extensively covered this connection and the media's attempted coverup. 

Tomorrow a public demonstration will be held at 11:11 AM in DC at Lafayette Park to raise awareness of human trafficking. 

If this tragedy can get the attention of Donald Trump I think he has the right solution in mind.

Another man who can help save these girls is Trey Gowdy. He recently held a congressional hearing on child exploitation and trafficking and cares deeply about this issue. Trey Gowdy's office number is (202) 225-6030, you can press 2 and encourage him to focus on these girls and attend tomorrow's protest. 

@HotepJesus connects the dots better than anyone.

Interestingly, there are six satanic holidays from Feb 2nd to March 20th that require human sacrifices, one specifically calls for females between the ages of 7 and 17.

Just a coincidence?

Just a coincidence?

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