Mark Levin Presents Overwhelming Evidence Of ObamaGate

Mark Levin, lawyer and former chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese laid out the overwhelming evidence that Barack Obama’s administration secretly wiretapped Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters. 

The consequences for anyone abusing the FISA court system are significant and a former President isn't immune from crimes against the country. The affidavit used by Obama's team to obtain their warrant omitted Trumps name and may have falsely been disguised an issue of national security, which is the sole purpose of FISA. Even investigating election fraud wouldn't qualify for a FISA warrant. FISA court members trust the government is only bringing them surveillance about pending terror attacks or war-like attacks, that is why out of 35,000 requests for surveillance, only 12 requests have ever been rejected. 

The main stream media is convinced this story is fake news but at least six news outlets have reported on such clandestine activities in the past few months. 

Heat Street (November 7th 2016) 

The New York Times (January 19th 2017)

The New York Times (January 12th 2017)

National Review (January 11th 2017)

The Guardian (January 11th 2017)

New York Times (March 1st 2017)

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