Linda Sarsour Freaks Out After Donald Trump “Bombs The Hell” Out Of ISIS

Donald Trump followed through with his promise to "bomb the hell" out of ISIS and unleashed a massive bomb strike on ISIS caves in a remote area of Afghanistan. The bomb known as the GBU-43 contains 11 tons of explosives, weighs 22,000 pounds and carries the nick name the “mother of all bombs” (MOAB). 

Linda Sarsour, a fake feminist and women’s march leader immediately cried foul and declared the event an “absolute nightmare”. Sarsour pleaded with congress to stop Donald Trump from bombing any more terrorists and even tweeted out what the destruction of the MOAB would look like in Manhattan. 

Linda Sarsour and ISIS both advocate for instituting Sharia law in western society which severely oppresses women’s rights, gay rights, and pretty much anyone who isn’t a Muslim male. 

Linda Sarsour unconsciously projected her feelings for America after Donald Trump bomb her ISIS friends

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