Trump Slams “Fake Media” Accusations Of Softening Stance On China

President Donald Trump was interviewed this morning by Ainsley Earhardt on “Fox & Friends” and commented on a number of important issues such as North Korea, China, and illegal immigration. 

Trump stayed firm on his stance of not discussing military strategy in regards to North Korea, and refused to comment on if a United States cyber attack led to the failed missile launch by North Korea. He went on to praise China in their cooperation with defusing the situation and slammed the “fake news” media for accusing him of softening his stance on China with regards to labeling them a “currency manipulator”. 

“Would I want to start heavy trade or currency manipulation statements against somebody who is out there right now trying to stop what could be a very bad situation?” said President Donald Trump.

Following Xi Jinping’s delightful meeting with President Trump China reportedly sent 150,000 troops to North Koreas border to help persuade the rouge nation from any further provoking of nuclear war. China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman stated President Trump and Mr. Xi have agreed to maintain “close communications and cooperation on the issue”. 

In addition to a show of force, China ordered a new arrival of North Korean coal ships to head back home and implemented a one year ban on further imports. Since coal accounts for 40% of North Korea’s overall exports the new sanctions will significantly impact their economy. 

China is the world’s largest consumer of coal and generates approximately 70% of their domestic electricity from the black rock. To make up for the shortfall of coal from North Korea, China will ramp up imports from the United States which will provide a much needed windfall for America’s struggling coal industry. 

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