DISGRACE: FBI Used Anti-Trump Fan Fiction To Secure FISA Warrant

First off what the fuck is up with this introduction by Wolf Blitzer, insinuating CNN has breaking news about “Russian Meddling” in the 2016 election…THEY DON’T… and “possible connections to Trump associates”… NO THEY FUCKING DON’T. What CNN is really announcing is that the FBI used anti-Trump fan fiction (aka Russian Dossier) to justify a FISA warrant which violated the civil liberties of a fringe character in Donald Trump’s campaign. Cater Page is going to have a field day in court when he sues the pants off of the Obama administration. 

The Russia-Trump narrative might be one of the intelligence community's worst assertions since “Saddam has WMDs” considering it’s based entirely on what an autistic teenager wrote on 4Chan. Democrats and the FBI are looking severely retarded the more they try and sell the falsehood Russia caused Hillary Clinton to lose and not her personality flaws, countless scandals, and failed leadership.

The ObamaGate scandal is literally becoming stranger than fiction. 

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