Former CNN Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Their Fake News

After Amber Lyon was “laid off” from CNN in 2012 she immediately began to go public with the network’s censorship policies to suppress information that endangers foreign dictators who pay for propaganda. 

The breaking point came when Amber and a four person crew were sent to Bahrain in 2011 to cover the “Arab Spring” with intentions of creating a one-hour documentary. They ended up discovering that the tear gas and weaponry supplied to the Bahraini regime were coming from the United States. Their sources went missing, faced punishment, and one had his house burned down. 

Former CNN Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Their Fake News

At one point the team was detained by 20 government thugs in black ski masks that held them at gun point while they deleted their photos and video. Luckily they managed to sneak out some footage hidden in their underwear and upon return to the US Lyon was able to air a 13 minute segment on CNN America entitled iRevolution.

To Amber Lyon’s dismay the footage never aired on CNN International, the most watched english speaking news source in the Middle East and most appropriate audience for this news. Questions flared as to why it was censored and reportedly the Bahrain regime was paying exorbitant funds to CNN to kill the segment. 

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