What The Hell Is Wrong With Rachel Bloom?

Rachel Bloom, the actress known for the series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a strange sense of “humor”. 

In case you haven’t caught wind of one the internet’s most cringe moments in history you’ll need to watch Rachel Bloom’s “Sex Junk” dance routine promoting butt-sex and accepting multiple gender identities. 

Well if you thought that was weird you’ll also need to watch Rachel Bloom’s “You Can Touch My Boobies” where she plays a school teacher seducing a young teenager. 

Come with me, Jeffrey Goldstein

To a fantasy

Rip off your Stewie Griffin shirt

And give yourself to me

No need to check the lock

'Cause your parents are at Benihana

Throw away the sock

Now come in close. I know you wanna

Not completely weirded out yet? You’ll need to see “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury” where she plays a 12 year old school girl who wants to fuck the elderly sci-fi author. 

Since I was twelve, I've been your number one fan

Kiss me, you Illustrated Man.

I'll feed you grapes and Dandelion Wine,

And we'll read a little Fahrenheit 69.

Here entire youtube channel is full of sexually charge weird stuff

Who declared Rachel Bloom funny and gave her a television show? 

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