ObamaGate: Susan Rice Lied In PBS Interview On Surveillance Of Donald Trump's Campaign

Barack Obama's “right-hand” and national security advisor Susan Rice reportedly requested the unmasking of members in Donald Trump's campaign. However, when asked on March 22nd, in an interview with PBS News Hour about Devin Nunes’s assertion that evidence supported the fact members of Donald Trump’s transition team were surveilled by the Obama administration Susan claimed the she “knew nothing about this” and even found the New York Time’s story from January 20th "perplexing". 

Susan Rice quickly diverted away from the surveillance allegations proceeded to criticize Donald Trump in a number of ways including stating that his administration wasn’t “fact-based”… ahh the irony!

Hindsight is 20/20 but if you look at Susan's closed body language, heavy breathing (at 2:02), and rapid eye blinking… the signs of lying are abundant.

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