Why Trump should pull out of NAFTA

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NAFTA is the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. In the 23 years NAFTA has been law, only one country out of the three has benefited. That country is Mexico.

Basically, to ship goods across a national border, you had to pay a 15% tax. NAFTA eliminated this tax, and allowed goods to be freely exchanged between Mexico, Canada, and the US. Even before its adoption, conservatives like Ross Perot have railed against the bill, saying it will harm America.

Trying to understand the why of this bill doesn't make much sense. The only country in the agreement NOT benefiting from this deal, is America. Canada would most likely benefit, but the GDP growth goes into their socialized system. So while the Canadian government benefits, its people do not directly benefit. 

And Mexico has single-handedly created a middle class, because of NAFTA. Yet America has lost millions of manufacturing jobs because US companies outsource their labor to Mexico. The area where US companies set up shop, increased the living wages of the Mexican workers by 15%, while US workers lost their jobs.

This is why large corporations urge Trump to stick with NAFTA. US companies will lose lots of profit if they have to pay US workers a livable wage. They can pay Mexican citizens half the price, and still Mexico will be better off than then they could have ever hoped.

Because of NAFTA and free trade 600 Million people have risen out of poverty. Everyone in the world benefits from Free Trade except Americans. Everyone's quality of life has improved, while Americans have declined. Companies can move to impoverished areas, pay people who live on 1.25 a day $10 an hour, and make so much profit, that American workers become a small figure in their rearview mirror.

NAFTA is the main catalyst in the decline of middle class America. The average American can no longer earn a livable wage, unless they are highly skilled. This futhers the divide of rich and poor, and causes power to centralize in the hands of corporations. These people hoard wealth, and project this same scam over and over, causing a once independent population to become dependent on them.

A border tax, as well as a wall would be economically beneficial. Illegal immigration flooding the US market with cheap labor would raise wages. Having a border tax would force companies to stay in America, because it wouldn't be so tempting to outsource labor. Also, transportation of goods could controlled by a wall, and therefore taxed properly.

NAFTA was a bad deal. The only people benefiting from NAFTA are Mexican citizens, and corporate executives. NAFTA is causing the slow death of middle class America, and in turn, making America more susceptible to attacks on its culture and on its people.

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