Brainwashed College Kids Love Socialism Without Understanding It

Campus Reform interviewed a bunch of developing minds at American universities and unsurprisingly the concept of socialism was overwhelmingly favorable. However, each brainwashed student was able to define what socialism actually entails other than it being "good for people".

One student noted that it has a bad reputation... that's because every society which has implemented socialism throughout history has been inferior to capitalistic societies. Socialism tugs at the heartstrings of feeble minded liberals and on paper looks like a Utopia (everything we need is free!) but socialistic principles clash with the natural human desire for competitiveness and individuality.

The ideology preys on the young and inexperienced to survive, which is why all socialistic political revolutions have been spearheaded by college kids. College kids should almost always be ignored, their brains are physically still developing and they lack real life experience, yet as a group they're the loudest at voicing their overvalued opinions.