Trump Reignites Media Outrage After Charlottesville Press Conference

What started as a press conference celebrating new legislation to remove barriers for developing infrastructure quickly turned focus to the events in Charlottesville. Donald Trump condemned the Alt-Left for their initiation of violence which surely triggered main stream media. 

He also defended his initial response that received heavy criticism for not being specific enough and lashed out at the fake media for doing really shitty work. 

Finally Donald Trump pointed out that the protests in Charlottesville began with the planned takedown of a statue of Confederate general Robert E Lee. He then went on to ask if statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson will come down next because they were also slave owners. 

Somehow leftist are taking Charlottesville as an opportunity to oust Steve Bannon as if he is somehow tied to White Supremacists even though not a single thread of evidence supports that claim.