BUSTED: Bill O'Reilly Has Evidence False Sexual Harassment Allegations Were A Political Hit Job

Perquita Burgess AKA "Hot Chocolate"

Perquita Burgess AKA "Hot Chocolate"

In light of a recent article by Newsmax which learned a primary figure in the allegations against Bill O'Reilly which cost him his longstanding and successful Fox News job had a history of making false allegations.

She was arrested for telling police a fake story about her boyfriend hitting her with a gun and the name she claimed O'Reilly called her "Hot Chocolate" is a term she uses to describe herself on social media. Over the next few months O'Reilly promises to release more evidence his private investigative team has found.

Burgess's allegations played a significant role in O'Reilly's termination at Fox News, a source to Newsmax. "I had no idea who this woman was," O’Reilly told Newsmax. O'Reilly denied ever having a conversation with her.

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