HBO's Insecure Creator Issa Rae Says She Is Only Rooting For Black People At The Emmy Awards

Actress Issa Rae, the creator of HBO's "Insecure" told a reporter that she is only rooting for black people at the Emmy Awards. If you look at someone and don't see a person but a color, you're a racist. Issa Rae is a symptom of identity politics which is being used my marxists to divide and conquer America.

There is no end game in pitting races against each other except for civil war and anarchy. Reversing course now will be difficult as Marxists have already taken control the education system and produced millions of millennial useful idiots. Generation Z may be the last hope to save America and end racism once and for all. 

Meanwhile, Emmy Award producers seem to have strategically placed all of their black attendees in the first few rows of seats to show how diversified and virtuous they are. 

Racist Emmy Awards.jpg
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