Tucker Carlson Thinks Black Lives Matter Demands Are Stupid

Tucker Carlson had issues with newly minted demands by Black Lives Matter that ask white people to give up their jobs, money and homes to black people. Jasmine Rand, a civil rights attorney defended BLM because of "white privilege" yada yada yada which proved she is more virtuous than Tucker.

White Privilege is being utilized as a dismissive term and all-inclusive way of silencing debate with a "white" person. Only a very small minority of white people owned slaves, or benefited from slavery, yet the term "white privilege" implies all white people need to accept the burden of a racist past. 

We have yet to hear of any North Africans apologize for enslaving millions of Europeans during the Barbary slave trade, and no reparations have yet been made.  

Do any Africans feel the burden of their racist history? Do the West Coast Africans who enriched themselves during the European slave trade bear any responsibility for slavery? Have they apologized or made reparations? 

PS - Awesome insult at the end by Tucker... not sure she even understood it