BITTER LIAR: Hillary Clinton Spreads More Lies About Trump

The disgusting lies and bitterness of Hillary Clinton has no bounds. She is trying to create disunity between Americans and their President by claiming Trump doesn't care about Puerto Rico, Black People, and clings to support from White Supremacists. When in fact he is sending aid to Puerto Rico on an hourly basis, has spoken publicly about their crisis numerous times, and will visit the island this week. Hillary Clinton is either an absolute moron and or a chronic liar... probably both.

Hillary then tries to frame the NFL protest against the American flag into a race issue when it's really a sign of anti-Americanism and disrespectful for American veterans. 2/3 of Americans actually agree with Trump on his disgust for kneeling during the anthem, but Hillary would just say they're all deplorable. Then once again the senile crooked Hillary reiterates that Trump won't denounce the KKK when he has done so no less than 50 times over the last two decades. HILLARY, JUST GO TAKE A NAP. 

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