Italian Americans Prepare To Defend Columbus Statue In New York City

The Christopher Columbus statue in New York City's Columbus Circle was built in dedication of the second largest lynching in the United States, of innocent Italians in Louisiana. However, with the left's latest outrage of Statues memorializing anyone without a pure history virtues, Columbus is in their cross hairs. The famous Italian explorer initiated the permanent European colonization of the New World. In doing so he fought and killed some Indians and brought introduced African slaves to the region... Nothing unusual for his time.

Joe Piscopo, an Italian American comedian defended the statue on Tucker Carlson. Citing the persecution of Italian Americans, the racism they overcame and ability to succeed over generations without government assistance. Few remember that Italian Americans were labeled "black" on the US Census less than a decade ago, or that they picked cotton alongside Africans. Their plight is overlooked because they quietly worked hard and elevated themselves without taking a handout. NYC best lay off that statue... capisce?